Work and Income : Both or Neither?

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Work and income are not antonyms for the retiree. The first may be impossible but the second is essential. Solutions are possible. At the end of a working life the desire is usually to do something of your choice not what you need to do in order to live. As much as you may have liked and enjoyed your career the freedom of choosing your own projects and directions is what is important for most retirees. As generous as some countries are with concessions provided by the government and private businesses in most places the opportunity to take local employment is denied.


There are some notable exceptions to this "rule". The holder of a U.S.A. green card or alien resident visa is entitled to work in the country. In the Philippines the holder of a Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) can obtain a permit to work. In both countries obtaining local work and income are legally possible.

Quasi-work : Query Income

If the object is simply to find a satisfying occupation then the retiree may need to look no further than voluntary work. This might be by offering to the local community the benefits of experience derived from a retiree's previous life. A particular skill or handicraft might be of value to the local people. Perhaps a retiree may have experience in an already existing activity, such the Boy Scouts or the Girl Guides. These ideas have been mentioned on another page to which reference can be made via this link or the one given below.


Work with the world-wide service clubs is another possibility that has also been mentioned elsewhere. None of these activities will offend against working restrictions. No work permit will be necessary. The only problem is that no income can be derived from such voluntary occupations.

Further ideas

More thought will have to go into the "work and income" problem if more than the odd meal out with fellow club members or group outings is to be earned. The latter may represent a mitigation, at least initially, with the cost of living but undoubtedly some personal return favors will be necessary eventually. The making of good relations with the local community and winning some good friends for the future is both useful and admirable but it is not an income.

Work and Income : Legal Combinations

By The Book

Catalogue Sales

It is important that any income deriving activity is legally acceptable in the country for a retiree resident. Sales from printed or on-line catalogues of overseas goods may not be considered as local employment. Detail such as the placement of orders in the ultimate purchaser's name and payment from the purchaser's financial resources to overseas supplier's accounts may need to be observed. The selling commission would have to be accrued abroad from the supplier to the seller's offshore account. This kind of activity was carried on in neighboring African countries by residents of Rhodesia for many years after that country's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (before it became Zimbabwe). If this trade was permitted in countries so hostile to Rhodesia then it is likely to be no problem for resident retirees without local employment rights. As always, take no-one's word for such things. Refer to the appropriate local authorities for confirmation of the legality of the work.

On-line - Any Language - All Money

Work via the Internet

Most countries do not consider work on-line for which payment is received overseas to be local employment. Any skills in this area would earn income for the retiree. In some instances care needs to be taken. If the work was of a tutorial nature and a local client applied for the service then payment would likely have to be made abroad by the customer.

Tourist Ventures

The travel industry, with local tour groups recruited and organized abroad, usually on-line would seem to be a good work and income prospect. The purchase and export of locally made artifacts and objet d'art could be another legal income opportunity. Export could be made on a speculative basis to a selling point abroad or on-line to avoid handling of goods not yet sold.

How busy a retiree wishes to be is entirely a matter of personal choice but the chances of earning income are good without risking residency rights. This is good news.

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