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A retirement planning guide must include what you want from retirement, why you want it, how you can get it and when you start planning for it all. You are unique. You must develop your own plan. No-one can do this for you. Take all the advice you can get. The plan must be comprehensive. Ultimately you and your family can depend only upon yourself. You alone will be to blame if things go wrong.

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This Site is Important for You

A retirement plan is necessary and important. In any endeavor it is important to make a plan. Retirement is no different. You had a plan for your early life even if you did not know it. Make a plan now for the rest of your life. A plan is especially important when retiring abroad.

Many become bored, unhappy even tired of life after retirement. They lack direction. They drift. They achieve no satisfaction. Don't let this happen to you.

This site contains a great deal of background information which you may need. Some of it you will need. Cherry pick. Take what is important for you. Leave what you already know. Learn what you need for success and safety in retirement. Enjoy the rest for interest if you like as the mood takes you.

You will be able to maximize your safety and success with a happy and long retirement when your plan includes all that you need to know financially, geographically, socially and with respect to health care. This site will help you on all these points. Read on to confirm the benefits you can derive from this page and all the others on this site.

A retirement plan guide is essential.

What Do You Need?

Where are you going?

It is vital that you have a retirement plan and that you know why, how and when to implement it. In the work place, whatever the position held or seniority attained, company or departmental plans, targets, ideas and directions were set out by those in charge. The day after retirement all plans are your responsibility. There is no-one above to look up to for guidance, no-one below to depend on for implementation of planned work projects. This site will allow you to make the choices that will put you on the path to a good, secure and satisfying future. The books available from here and the information offered enable you to set out with no time wasting.

You Are On Your Own. You Need a Retirement Plan.

The future is yours and solely for you to plan. Improved health care means that your retirement may well be long, perhaps over 20 years. The plan will have to fill your needs and desires for another half of a normal working lifespan. This site will let you pick the elements that will make up your best possible plan for retirement.

You Cannot Leave This Period to Chance With No Retirement Plan.

You must deal with governments

All of your family, possibly more than just your spouse, will expect you to take care of short and long term requirements. Nothing must be left to chance if your later years are to be happy and fulfilled rather than a struggle and unsatisfying. There is a big difference now. There is no regular wage or salary. No increment available to be earned. No promotion to anticipate. No obvious income increase within your capability to grasp. This site will give you the information that will mean that you can make the best choices for your future.

and banks

There may be no "pay as you earn" tax convenience. No automatic deduction from earnings to cover insurance, a mortgage or health scheme contributions. There is no company "HR" department to look after these things. The previous accountant's fees may now be too high and the services beyond reach. The details on this site will mean that you can choose the best courses to compensate for what you took for granted during your working life.

In the days after retirement it is very likely that previous colleagues will stop calling. You will progressively have less and less in common with them. There will be no more shared experiences or common factors which can benefit from a comparing of notes. This site will afford you opportunities to meet with others in similar positions to yourself for mutual benefits.

From All Personal and Practical Aspects of Life it is Now Up To You.

and healthcare

The only thing that will get you through all of your problems is your very own retirement plan. It must cover everything from income to healthcare, to housing, to ambitions and the all of the aspects of life both personal and social that will ensure happiness and satisfaction. It must be comprehensive and yet flexible. This site gives you the benefit of being able to seek all of life's new necessities after retirement.

Your Retirement Plan Must be Tailored to Cover Your Needs.

you must learn about geography

Very often the workplace is not the preferred living area. The "exigencies of the service" frequently demand that it is necessary to reside in uncomfortable or at least less desirable places. Although there are now very few smoke filled slum areas in industrial cities in the Western World there are always better places in which to live with more equitable climates and conditions. In Third World countries such places do still exist and many have to work there, not just the local population. On retirement many have the desire to pick a "place in the Sun". It may not be a tropical isle with no winter. A mountain retreat with the possibility of skiing or climbing may be a personal ideal. This site and the books promoted here will give you a great start in picking your best new place in the world all of which will save you much time otherwise spent in fruitless internet searches.

When Should Planning Begin?

This retirement planning guide should help

and time

Retirement abroad is becoming the choice of many. This means getting used to different political regimes, varying economic conditions, new geographical areas, changed social norms and adjustments to the ways to stay in contact with friends at home. As attractive as a lifestyle in a new country may seem it will bring with it the need to consider all of these things.

There should be no precipitate move without pre-planning. Ideally any country in which retirement may seem to be attractive should be visited at least once before any irrevocable moves or arrangements are made. This is the "Golden Rule". Using the last few annual leave periods prior to retirement for such trips is a good idea. An appreciation of the prospective new "home base" can be achieved in this way.

From a practical viewpoint planning needs to begin a few years before the fact of retirement. It is necessary to begin to formulate your very own retirement plan well in advance of the last day of work. Work on it needs to be unceasing, careful and meticulous but it need not be unpleasant or burdensome. It could in fact become a way of life as those who enjoy being perpetual tourists well know. This site provides the essential details for shaping your very own retirement plan. You need this site to set you on the path to the wonderful benefits of a great, safe and happy future.

You will get There but You Need this Site


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