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To learn English grammar is interesting but not totally essential for the practical employment of the language. Grammar is the framework of a language. No native speaker of any language learns the grammar first. Sounds are assimilated and copied first. Writing may follow. Grammar may never be formally learned.

Grammar sets out the relationship between the elements, the words, of a language. It is the structure of the language. Also, In so far as languages are logical, grammar is the science of language. Not all languages are the same but the words of any language bear a particular relationship to each other and have usages unique to that language. In short, languages are defined by their grammar.

No! Not GrandMa

The Component Inventory

As with any construction the framework consists of components. The shape of the outcome depends on the relationship between the components. Grammar defines the components and sets out the rules of association. Letters, the basic elements, lead to words. Words are grouped to form sentences. A number of sentences make a paragraph. Paragraphs can add up to an article or a chapter and a few of the latter make a book. Grammar governs this progression via definitions of the parts. It is not necessary to have a deep understanding of grammar in order to use a language. This is the same as using the products of technology without knowing the underlying science which enabled their production. However, grammar is interesting and a knowledge of it improves the ability to employ a language effectively.

It Is Easy to Learn English Grammar

There are only eight major sections to be mastered to learn English Grammar:-

  1. Nouns
  2. Pronouns
  3. Adjectives
  4. Verbs
  5. Adverbs
  6. Prepositions
  7. Conjunctions
  8. Interjections

It is arguable that punctuation should be added to this list, but all of the above are kinds of words. Punctuation determines the rate of flow of words in both written and spoken language. For those who wish to learn English grammar, it begins here.


Briefly a few definitions will help. A noun is the name of a thing or object. A pronoun is a word that stands in the place of a noun. An adjective adds to, limits or modifies the noun to which it refers. A verb is a word by means of which something is said about somebody or something. An adverb bears the same relationship to a verb as does an adjective to a noun. A preposition is used with a noun or pronoun to indicate its relationship with another word in the sentence. A conjunction is a word which joins sentences or words. An interjection is a single or a few words which indicate, usually, an emotion or an emotional response to a situation.

It's in the Book

The above paragraph is not an English grammar. It does, however, contain more than many know of grammar but who still use the language effectively and well. An English grammar is a good book to have in the library but of more practical use is a dictionary and a thesaurus. The former provides the meaning and derivation of words. The latter provides synonyms and antonyms of words. It is left as an exercise for the reader to use a dictionary to discover the meanings of these two words and thereby see the value of a thesaurus.

For Retirees

What It's All About

It may be argued that too much emphasis is placed upon the English language. In most countries in which retirees may wish to reside it is a national language. Owing to the colonial activities of Spain and England some 400 - 500 years ago both languages were taken all over the world. Eventually it was England that predominated as a colonial power. Thus in South America, the Caribbean and Asia both the English and Spanish languages are commonly spoken and widely understood. Often both are jointly national languages rather than the many local indigenous or tribal languages and dialects that also exist in a country. Whether English is your first or second language it is useful to have a capability in the language because you will find it used wherever you settle. Time taken to learn the language and to learn English grammar will not be wasted. It may not always be the local language of business or banking, although it is frequently just that even in places where Spanish predominates. The importance of English can be realized simply because it is the language of air traffic controllers worldwide.


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