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To plan your retirement



Comfort : Safety : Security

To plan your retirement well comfort, safety and security are essential elements.They are the important parameters for peace of mind. It does not matter where you settle you need and deserve the presence these factors. It is of course essential to secure a visa. A guide to specific countries' visas is available here. As a retiree you will be primarily responsible for securing these things for yourself and your dependents. You will have your own experience and expertise but often this is not enough. This site will expand you knowledge where necessary.

Not all of the information on this site will be needed by everybody.


Take Your Pick

This site tries to cover many things in great depth to help you plan your retirement. You can read much of it just for interest once you feel you have mastered the essentials for comfort, safety and security. We try to be comprehensive and to offer experience with information. We also try to be specific as with the guide to particular countries' visas. The site will be here as a reference should you need more in the future and you can always comment and ask questions.

The following displays will help you choose what you need.

Plan your retirement

These are the basic elements which will help you to plan your retirement.

You see from the above example that cherry picking is easy. The above page is one that you will probably want to read in its entirety. The pages relevant to safety and security (after the "comfort" selection) are different. You will only want relevant parts that apply particularly to you.

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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Then we'll begin

All of there subjects linked below are things with which we feel comfortable. None are "deal breakers" when you plan your retirement. Cumulatively possibly. Individually you can probably live with it. All are pages which you can scan or read carefully as the mood takes you. 

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Take One : They're OK

In Safe Hands

Safety depends on keeping up to date, knowing the rules and staying fit.

The News

The Authorities

Staying Fit

This page is important. You may want to study it all. Click here for the top of the page 

Or just go to the parts that you want to read by clicking on the choices below.

Insurance Protection - Perhaps

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Income is a vital security element for every retiree.

So Pick from the punnet

Take One - or Two

Income is essential in life at all stages

YouMay want to read the whole page so click this link to take you to the top of it.

Perhaps you just want to see particular aspects that apply only to you.

Your choice here is vital.

Visa are the other major security matter about which familiarity is essential.

Visas are the Keys so choose one

Pick Your Fruit and the Lock

The theory is one thing. Now make a visa application.


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Experience and Information

"Cherries ain't Cherries"

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:"

(Lewis Carol)

There is much more on this site with subjects covered in depth and from experience. A small sample to indicate the breadth of topics is linked below.

All pages can be reached from links on pages between the red lines. Use the menu in the left column for access to full pages. 

Read for interest, instruction or fun, casually or as intensely as you like.

There is more on the site and more to come.

There is also more below.

You can comment and buy a few relevant but inexpensive books and some top class equipment.

Scroll Down.

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