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This page is about me and this site. It is to help you know who I am and how this site is organized. After my introduction and a little of my history you will discover how to move about the site and to differentiate between content and advertisements. Enjoy exploring as you wish and please contribute where this is made possible. Thank you for visiting.

About Me

How are your retirement plans and I concerned with each other? My name is Les and I will and can help you with your thoughts and ideas. This is the most difficult page that I have had to write for this site. I have never become accustomed to or comfortable with writing about me. The picture shows me in my normal state ― working at my machine (MacBook Pro) and listening to a news item, music or an item being researched.

Les at Work for You

Briefly I am well traveled having lived on four continents and visited all five. Traveling became a part of my life and at one stage, with my family, we moved internationally (and a couple of time inter-continentally) once every eighteen months over nearly a ten year period. My wife enjoyed new places as much as I and the two children were young enough to adapt easily. Now I move alone. It is just as interesting, still as much fun but a bit less challenging.

It is only since 1980 that I have become familiar with computers. It was a necessity to complete my tertiary education. I don't believe the old saying about old dogs and new tricks. I still learn something new everyday. My speciality is development economics. I am used to looking at what is and seeing what could be. Helping with your retirement plans is my purpose here.

As my ability to do research on the web improved and increased and my age advanced I applied my "what could be" insight to the subject of retirement plans. This is why I began this site. It is a primer for those who are considering retirement abroad and it will save you much research time.


Moving is all about me. I said above that I have traveled. This is true but to get to know a place and its people it is necessary to have lived there. I have lived and worked in Europe, Africa and Australia, I have lived in America and I have visited many parts of Asia. In countries the total amounts to over a score. I was happiest in Zambia but I stayed longest in Australia. Are there places I still want to visit? Yes. I want to go to at least as many as I have been. I'm working on it. My experience is available to you from this site. It does not matter where I happen to be at any time I always have my machine with me. I will get your message and I will respond. Making your retirement plans is important at whatever stage you are at now.


This site is for cherry picking. I cannot imagine a person to whom all pages would be relevant. As an obvious example a person with no connection with the U.S.A. would be unlikely to be affected by FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Some of the pages may just be of passing interest. Such as this page about me. There is no compulsion in choosing a country in which to retire to understand how we get four seasons but it may be a light diversion. Making retirement plans should not be hard work so this site tries to make it simple to achieve first ideas.

I have made getting about the site as easy as possible. The major choices are on the left at the main menu. From these pages all others can be reached. Links between pages on this site are placed at natural points in the text and at the foot of each page. These are between the red lines. For places of interest off the site the links are placed between blue lines and at "in context" text phrases (in blue). All pages on this site have links to the page from which you have just come and from all you can get back to the "Home" page. From the bottom of every page you can get back to the top with the click of the mouse.

Other attractions on the site are clearly shown. It is also an interactive site. You can make comments from the "Home" page. There are invitations to you to relate relevant experiences which can themselves become pages on the site. You can share a page with friends on your favorite social media site.

Your Retirement Plans Made Easy

There is no printed (hard copy) magazine to buy. No expensive books and reports (+$100) are offered. Invitations to pricey seminars in exotic places are not available from here. There is just me, you and your machine. Relax and enjoy making your retirement plans. 


There are recommended books that you can buy. All can be purchased from from the links below and SmashWords. The links are at the bottom of every page. There are other advertisements for items of interest appropriate to the text within blue bordered boxes. A click will take you to for such opportunities.


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